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International Experience

Since we began trading, we have developed a vast amount of international experience, across Europe and beyond.
International talent assignments can result from a range of scenarios, such as:

  • A UK multinational business looking to hire within a new market, such as Russia
  • A French firm wishing to gather market and company intelligence within an emerging market, such as Ghana
  • Companies wishing to gather international salary data
  • A business seeking rare talent, requiring a global trawl
  • A South African firm looking to source European talent
  • A US business looking to hire talent from a specific region, such as Scandinavia
  • An Indian multinational wanting to ‘repatriate’ high-flying Indian nationals from Europe
  • An Australian business looking to source from countries which have developed advanced expertise in a particular field, such as digital product development.

Because we are often looking for niche talent, it is not unusual for a project to include multiple countries, sometimes across three or four continents.

Having carried out assignments in around 110 different countries, including all of Europe’s key markets, we are worldly-wise when it comes to finding exceptional talent.

Our team includes fluent linguists to assist in penetrating markets where English is not always widely-spoken, such as the former Soviet Union, francophone Africa or parts of Latin America.

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