Research Europe


Formal referencing is often required once an offer has been made to and accepted by a candidate. We offer structured, formal referencing with named referees and can rapidly produce clear, concise and pertinent reference reports following an offer of employment. This service can be used in conjunction with search, or as a stand-alone service.

Often informal referencing is more highly-valued by the potential employer. Informal referencing involves taking discreet and usually confidential soundings from industry peers or stakeholders of the employer, whether internal or external. The candidate does not nominate the referees, and the confidential nature of the exercise normally means the referee is more open and forthcoming about the candidate. Informal referencing is commonplace, and particularly valuable when making very senior or sensitive hires.

Case Study

An international media group planned to promote an internal candidate to a divisional chief executive post. Before doing so, the group executive wanted to gauge the potential reaction of the market, yet arouse minimal gossip within the industry. Research Europe took discreet soundings from senior executives within suppliers, partners and customers of the group. The confidential references supported the promotion of the internal candidate and the appointment was made.