Research Europe

Market Intelligence

Research Europe’s analysis and research capabilities can be used to generate market intelligence in support of business decisions. Companies are interested in exploring opportunities in new or existing markets, or understanding potential threats. Market intelligence about a competitor’s products, services and strategy can inform change and create new possibilities.

Case Study

An East-coast vendor and integrator of mission-critical communication systems had established dominance in the US, but no penetration in Europe. It sought a mutually- beneficial alliance with a prime contractor in the UK, to establish a UK presence and form the basis of wider EMEA business growth. Research Europe researched the relevant vendor and systems integrator markets, identifying prime contractors with similar or complementary products and services. We then identified key decision makers within those prime contractors, and screened their firm’s suitability and potential interest as a partner via a series of informal and formal phone conversations. Armed with research into each firm’s products and market position, Research Europe professionals were subsequently able to advise the client on the most suitable partners. The client was then able to have a series of ‘warm’ and knowledge-led meetings with a shortlist of potential allies. Our client negotiated a new UK partnership deal. The resulting venture created an additional demand for supplementary talent.