Research Europe

Salary Surveys

When recruiting in a new geographical territory, for a newly-created function or hiring global talent, it is valuable to benchmark salary levels. Research Europe offers tailored salary surveys across a wide range of functions and industries. With our international reach and experience, we can offer this as a worldwide service. We use a combination of publicly-available information and direct approaches to – and interviews with – industry peers, employers and industry experts.

Research Europe’s salary surveys are bespoke, proactive and up-to-date. We rely on fresh research, and do not use generic, archive data.

Case Study

A private equity group which owns an international retail business operating in more than thirty countries planned to hire a new CEO and also a new CFO for that business. At the same time, the investors were also reviewing the headquarters location of the retail business. Four locations were under consideration – in markets where they had the strongest presence: the US, the UK, South Africa and Australia. Research Europe, combining desk research, vigorous networking and telephone interviewing produced comparative data showing the range of CEO and CFO salaries within similar retail businesses, headquartered in those same four markets. This research subsequently influenced the decision on where to search for and locate these key executives.