Research Europe

Talent Mapping

Before investing in a search which can be time-consuming and costly if done ‘blind’, firms will often gather intelligence on the available talent in a given market. Such talent mapping is increasingly being used as a strategic tool by human resource departments who supplement short-term headcount needs by ongoing talent intelligence.

Research Europe maps talent in companies by identifying organizational structures and reporting lines, names and job titles, key information about individuals’ experience, skills and education – and contact details. With this information, Research Europe can advise businesses on where the most relevant talent lies in advance of any recruitment activity.

Case Studies

A well-established third party pension administrator had ambitious growth plans and needed additional talent. Before deciding on a recruitment strategy, they wanted to understand what potential talent – if any – was employed by a close competitor. Research Europe mapped out organizational structures across all the pensions administration, planning and account management departments, along with the executive management team, and supplied profile information for as many individuals as possible on the competitor’s organizational chart. Based on this information, the client opted for a direct search recruitment strategy, with much of the focus on the competitor’s business.

In response to enhanced EU regulations of internal audit functions within financial services organizations, a ‘Big Four’ advisory firm, anticipating higher demand, planned to expand its internal audit advisory team. The firm was particularly keen to find specialists with banking, insurance or fund management experience. Before deciding on a recruitment strategy, the firm contracted Research Europe to map out relevant internal audit teams within large financial services institutions, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as well as competitor advisory firms. Research Europe delivered profile reports on people with the relevant skills. With an informed view of where relevant talent lay, the firm put into place a streamlined direct sourcing plan.