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Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessments are tests or exercises designed by occupational psychologists. They measure a candidate’s specific abilities or personality traits.

Using psychometric assessments when assessing candidates allows the employer to make a well-rounded decision based on psychological evidence. Whilst few people would recommend them as a stand-alone measure of a candidate’s suitability, when used with other assessment methods, such as interviews and referencing, psychometric assessments are proven to be highly effective predictors of job performance.

Research Europe offers a bespoke psychometric assessment service. Our in-house psychometric assessors, who are certified to the British Psychological Society Level A and B standard, carry out the assessments and subsequently give feedback and advice to the hiring manager.

Psychometric assessments can be divided into three categories. We offer a number of category-specific assessments:

For clients who would prefer not to select individual assessment products themselves, we also offer two assessment packages:
Assessment packages

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