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Learning Agility

Learning Agility is the latest area of research in psychometric assessment. While the definition is an ongoing discussion, broadly speaking it is the ability of individuals to learn from previous experiences and apply this learning to new situations and experiences to gain advantage. Translated to the work place, this means uncovering those likely to be most agile, adaptive and ultimately embracing when it comes to organisational change.

This aspect of behaviour appears to be independent of both personality and academic achievement. Given this field of psychometrics is relatively immature, there are few assessments on the market which claim to definitively measure Learning Agility. Yet assessments exist which not only provide standalone insights into behaviour and ability but also, when combined, can reveal the key attributes of Learning Agility and indicate how Learning Agile a candidate might be. Faced with a shortlist of similar candidates, this information could prove valuable for differentiation.

We have selected the Saville Wave and Watson Glaser assessments as components of RE.PORT Express with Learning Agility in mind, as we believe these assessments offer insight into Learning Agile attributes.

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