Learning and Development

Empowering employees with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to navigate the complexities of DEI effectively

A selection of ready-to-use workshops addressing typical DEI issues, or tailored training content specific DEI challenges

Ongoing learning and development (L+D) plays a vital role in supporting organisations on their DEI journey.

By investing in L+D initiatives, organisations empower their employees with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to navigate the complexities of DEI effectively.

Education and training foster a culture of continuous growth, ensuring that diverse perspectives are valued and integrated into every aspect of the organisation's operations.
Whether through workshops, training programs, or coaching, investing in L+D demonstrates a commitment to creating equitable and inclusive work environments, unlocking the full potential of your workforce, and driving sustainable success.

While we provide a selection of ready-to-use workshops addressing typical DEI issues, we also develop tailored training content for specific challenges or situations.

We’ll upskill your employees in DEI best practices through hands-on, interactive workshops led by DEI experts, including former in-house DEI leaders. These are offered in-person or online for groups or individual leads, ranging from an hour to a full day (depending on content and group size).

We’re on hand to support you with practical and specialised DEI advice.

Our L+D training content includes

DEI opportunities for HR professionals

This interactive and practical workshop introduces HR professionals to the latest evidence-based DEI concepts, enabling you to leverage practical opportunities within their functions.

Inclusive recruitment

This workshop addresses the challenges of inclusive recruitment, equipping HR professionals with the DEI recruitment tools you need to equalise opportunities for diverse candidates, hire the best talent, and improve diversity metrics.

Transforming bias to enhance organisational performance

Focusing on culture transformation, this workshop provides participants with frameworks and tools from behavioural sciences to support diversity, enhance professional relationships, and improve organisational performance.

Inclusive leadership programme

This session empowers leaders to generate inclusive work environments and make inclusivity an expectation, leading to innovative and successful organisations. The approach is action-oriented, guiding leaders to set realistic goals and implement clearly defined actions and timelines.

1:1 executive coaching

For top DEI executives, we offer coaching to support you in establishing your leadership style and defining impactful and sustainable ways to foster inclusive work cultures and psychologically safe work environments.

Bespoke training

We provide comprehensive and targeted DEI training that aligns with the vision and objectives of your organisation. Tailored by curriculum, content or length, our bespoke workshops address your unique needs and situation.

Case studies

Our demonstrated success

Our team has successfully executed diversity enhancement projects for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, enabling them to benefit from a broader range of talent, insight and experience. Let us do the same for you, with our DEI diagnostics, audit, strategy, L&D and diversity enhancement services.