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Talent intelligence gives you the data to inform hiring decisions, supports organisational effectiveness, and helps you hire and retain the right talent.

As a research company first and foremost, we elevate talent acquisition with smart, data-driven insights to build high-performing, engaged, future-fit workforces.

Our services include organisational intelligence, reward intelligence, employer brand insight, psychometric assessment and talent due diligence.

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Talent intelligence combines people analytics, data sourcing and workforce planning


Organisational intelligence offers in-depth insights into how businesses structure their workforce and talent, at both macro and micro levels.

Our team of experts are on hand to provide clarity on your resources and calibre of talent in key areas, comparing functions, departments and business units for better team benchmarking and strategic decision-making.


Knowing what to pay your people is key to attracting and retaining top talent.

Our reward intelligence offering provides businesses with real-time, comprehensive and global remuneration data, helping you understand reward levels and structures while optimising your talent management and recruitment efforts.


We want our clients to be ‘the employer of choice’.

We achieve this by giving you the tools and data you need to understand the perceptions of your key internal and external audiences. In this way, we help you build a strong employer brand and recognisable employer value proposition, helping to attract and retain the right people best aligned to your culture and fit.

We also flag any issues with your employer brand which may negatively impact talent attraction and retention, helping you fix them before it’s too late.


Through the use of scientific, rigorous and objective measurement tools and tests, we help you determine and predict the abilities, behaviours and personality traits of your candidates.

Administered online, all tests are managed by our in-house team of BPS-qualified professionals, making sure all new recruits are the right fit for the job.Through the use of scientific, rigorous and objective measurement tools and tests, we help you determine and predict the abilities.


Using AI-driven technology and natural language processing (NLP), we can conduct comprehensive, global, automated, online background research and due diligence on any individual within minutes.

This is particularly useful for PE organisations and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) teams looking to conduct due diligence on key executives within target acquisition organisations, or for any business needing to make fast, critical senior-level hire decisions.With AI and NLP, we can perform automated global background checks and due diligence on anyone within minutes.

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We cater to Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, HR, and DEI leaders within large, complex private and public sector companies, non-profits, and private equity firms.

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As a leading talent services and executive research firm, we take a meticulous approach to talent. With our research, intelligent insights, and practical implementation, we enable organisations to recruit and retain the right talent, driving sustainable value and improved business outcomes.

While primarily based in the UK, our reach extends across the globe, with a presence in Southeast Asia, North America, and South America.