Talent Acquisition

Finding and keeping great people is paramount to the success of any organisation.

We connect businesses with the brightest talent from around the world, making sure the right people are hired the first time, and every time.

Through our research-led  talent mapping, talent pipelining, executive search, succession planning and talent scouting services, we support in-house talent acquisition and executive search leaders in making informed tactical and strategic decisions about talent.

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Finding and keeping great people, is paramount to the success of any organisation


Talent mapping tracks the best talent in the market, empowering businesses to make informed decisions ahead of the hiring process.

Far more than just a list of candidates, we go further and deeper to find and deliver critical insights, providing an invaluable overview of the available talent in the marketplace – their background, track record, motivations and strengths, and overall suitability for any role and organisation.

This enables you to confidently proceed with recruitment decisions, while making the process of securing the right talent more efficient and informed.


We create pipelines of qualified, motivated and high-calibre talent so that vacancies can be filled quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively.  

We identify and connect with the right talent over the short or long term, so that when the time comes to hire, you have an engaged and relevant pool of candidates to choose from. A typical talent pipeline project spans anything between two and 12 months, but is always designed and tailored to your exact needs.


Top-tier talent (especially diverse talent) is typically passive in the job market while being in high demand.

Through our tried-and-tested executive search process, we secure the best candidates for senior positions through rigorous research, intelligent sourcing of industry networks, astute interviewing and candidate qualification, and discreet referencing. With over 20 years’ hands-on experience, we ensure our shortlisted candidates are the ideal fit to thrive in and enhance your organisation.


Any kind of leadership vacuum is damaging.

Succession planning identifies and prepares external and internal successor candidates for key positions in your organisation, protecting future leadership, mitigating risk, and ensuring a seamless transition to a new leader.


We deploy the same research-led structure and rigour to mid-level and multiple hiring needs as we do to a C-level executive search.

Our skilled team of research consultants is equipped with the maturity and tenacity to track down, connect and engage with busy, in-demand talent, establishing a rapport while assessing fit, interest and motivation.

We offer the same thoroughness and quality that you would expect from an executive recruitment search. At the same time, our fee model means you don’t have to pay additional recruitment fees every time you hire a candidate we bring forward.

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We cater to Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, HR, and DEI leaders within large, complex private and public sector companies, non-profits, and private equity firms.

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As a leading talent services and executive research firm, we take a meticulous approach to talent. With our research, intelligent insights, and practical implementation, we enable organisations to recruit and retain the right talent, driving sustainable value and improved business outcomes.

While primarily based in the UK, our reach extends across the globe, with a presence in Southeast Asia, North America, and South America.