Talent Search

Often, the best candidates are not actively seeking new work opportunities because they’re happy where they are.

Transforming Market Intelligence into Exceptional Talent Pools

Talentsearch converts talent maps into pools of qualified andmotivated candidates in an agile and cost-effective way. 

To hire the brightest talent, the key lies in comprehensive market mapping to identifythe best potential candidates. Subsequently, a discreet, proactive campaign toengage with and excite these candidates about the opportunity, is required.  

It takes real skill to not only track down the right talent, but to connect meaningfullywith them too. Our structured and detailed approach to evaluating candidates enablesus to provide comprehensive advice on the strengths and areas of development ofeach individual (whether internal or external), ensuring consistentbenchmarking of talent for your organisation.

Case study

Talent pipelining for a Big Four professional services firm

We worked with an EMEA systems integration practice within a Big Four professional services firm.

They were scaling up rapidly and planned to onboard an additional 1,000 hires over a two year period, covering multiple roles from certified solutions architects to sales directors.

In support of this expansion programme, we built and managed a talent pipeline covering 13 EMEA countries. Over 18 months, we identified around 1,400 potential candidates and prequalified them into tiers according to their suitability and calibre.

Most of these candidates were in very high demand, so we used a marketing pack developed in cooperation with the client to position the opportunities in the best possible light. We approached hundreds of candidates over the course of the pipelining programme and judged their suitability and interest. We agreed the format of a candidate phone interview with the client to ensure consistent qualification across all 13 territories and job types.

We subsequently managed the relationship with selected candidates on behalf of the client (often over many months), and organised interviews, feedback and job offers, all the while coordinating with local recruitment teams.