Executive Search

When you are hiring critical talent, we seek out and secure the best candidates through rigorous research, intelligent sourcing of industry networks and discreet referencing


The brightest talent is generally passive in the market and in high demand. This is particularly true of diverse talent.


To hire the best people, you have to find them, engage with them and be a strong advocate for your opportunity. You must then ensure your qualification and selection processes are robust and designed to hire candidates whose experience, track record and personality is the ideal fit for your business.

Executive Search

Research Europe has a rigorous research-driven methodology, practiced and refined over 20 years. We combine a variety of research techniques, tools and information sources to gather intelligence on talent. We network enthusiastically across industry and diversity communities. We engage with candidates personally and professionally. And via intelligent qualification, interviewing, referencing and - in some cases – psychometric assessment, we ensure the candidates who will thrive in and enhance your organisation are shortlisted and hired.  

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