Talent Scouting

Proactively and thoroughly canvassing the candidate market leading to better recruitment outcomes

Strategic talent scouting: elevating recruitment through proactive research and custom engagement

With the need to diversify at each level of an organisation, a research and headhunting-led process gives you a much higher chance of identifying and securing sought-after diverse candidates.

We deploy the same research-led structure and rigour to mid-level and multiple hiring needs as we do to a C-level executive search.

Our skilled team of research consultants is equipped with the maturity and tenacity to track down, connect and engage with busy, in-demand talent, establishing a rapport while assessing fit, interest and motivation.

We offer the same thoroughness and quality that you would expect from an executive recruitment search. At the same time, our fee model means you don’t have to pay additional recruitment fees every time you hire a candidate we bring forward.

Our four step process

Comprehensive talent mapping and pre-qualification

Our talent scouting service starts with an extensive talent mapping process. We conduct in-depth, desk-based research to create a comprehensive map of potential candidates.

This stage involves analysing various sources and databases to identify individuals who not only possess the necessary qualifications but also exhibit the potential to excel in the roles we are scouting for.

After this initial mapping, we proceed to tier and pre-qualify candidates. This involves a meticulous evaluation based on their career trajectories, achievements, and relevance to your specific needs.

Engaging top-tier candidates

Once we have identified the top-tier candidates, our team reaches out to them personally and professionally to gauge their interest and suitability for the role.

We conduct a detailed assessment against the job description, ensuring that each candidate not only meets the required qualifications but also aligns with the specific demands and nuances of the position.

This process includes evaluating their technical abilities, industry knowledge, and cultural fit.

Interviewing & assessement

Following the initial assessments, we conduct in-depth interviews with the candidates.These interviews are designed to delve deeper into their experience, hard and soft skills, motivations, and career aspirations. Our approach is thorough and considers various aspects such as their problem-solving abilities, communication skills, leadership potential, and adaptability. We also discuss their salary expectations to ensure alignment with your budgetary considerations.

We compile detailed profiles for each candidate. These profiles provide a comprehensive overview of their professional journey, skill set, personal attributes, motivations, and compensation requirements. The goal is to give you a clear understanding of how well each candidate fits your brief and culture, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Tailored talent scouting

Our talent scouting service is highly customised to meet your specific requirements. We understand that each organisation has its unique culture, values, and expectations.

Our aim is to not just fill a position but to find candidates who will contribute to your organisation's long-term growth and success.

Case study

Talent scouting for consultants at a global strategy consultancy firm

Our client, a top-10 strategy consulting firm, wanted to hire consultants with 3-8 years’ experience for their Private Equity practice in several European countries.  The talent acquisition team was having trouble with attracting talent at this level due to strong competition in the market, especially from the MBB firms.

We identified, qualified and brought forward around 20 consultants with relevant strategic consulting experience, PE networks and educational credentials, using the same research-driven methods and detailed qualification process as we would for any C-level executive search. We delivered detailed candidate assessments based on our interviews, outlining both hard and soft skills, so the talent team could proceed to interview with the right candidates for them.

Our methods identified consultants from diverse backgrounds, and we brought forward more women and ethnically diverse candidates than typical recruitment at this level had historically.

We acted as brand ambassadors, using our frequent contact with strategy consultants in the market to advocate a positive employer brand perception of our client.

From our candidate selection, four consultants were hired to the Private Equity team. Crucially, the talent acquisition team used the detailed data we provided on the candidate landscape to enhance their own talent pooling and pipelining work.