Executive Search

Securing the best candidates for senior positions via diligent, professional and discreet executive search

Executive talent acquisition through identifying and engaging top leaders

Top-tier talent (especially diverse talent) is typically passive in the job market while being in high demand.

Through our tried-and-tested executive search process, we secure the best candidates for senior positions through rigorous research, intelligent sourcing of industry networks, astute candidate assessment and discreet referencing.

With over 20 years’ hands-on experience, we ensure our shortlisted candidates are the ideal fit to thrive in and enhance your organisation.

Our four step process

In-depth research & industry networking

Our executive search process begins with comprehensive research, utilising a combination of desk-based investigation into target organisations and industry networking.This approach allows us to delve deep into target sectors and candidates pools, gathering insights about market trends, competitor landscapes, and the evolving dynamics of leadership roles. By cultivating strong relationships with diverse candidate communities, we ensure access to a diverse and high-calibre talent pool.

Targeted candidate engagement & assessment

Central to our service is the proactive engagement with potential candidates. We don't just search for individuals who match the job specifications; our aim is to identify leaders who are perfectly aligned with the culture and goals of your organisation.This involves a thorough assessment of their skills, experiences, leadership styles, and their ability to drive success in the specific role they are being considered for. We employ a combination of interviews, reference checks, and in-depth evaluations to ensure a comprehensive understanding of each candidate's capabilities and potential impact.

Customised search strategy for each role

Recognising that each executive role has its unique set of challenges and requirements, we tailor our search strategy accordingly. We work closely with you to understand the specific needs and nuances of the role and your organisational culture.This collaborative approach enables us to refine our search criteria and methodologies to best suit the position and your objectives.

Continuous communication & support

Throughout the search process, we maintain open lines of communication with you, providing regular updates and insights. We believe in a partnership approach, ensuring that you are engaged and informed at every stage of the search. Our commitment to transparency and support is aimed at making the recruitment process as seamless and effective as possible.

Case study

Executive search for a European distributor of television content

Our client is a European producer and distributor of television content. With revenues of around €2bn, they make and sell some of most familiar shows and formats seen on TV to a global audience.

We managed their search for a group marketing director. The incoming candidate needed to oversee marketing activity for the international television trade shows, day-to-day marketing and branding of programmes to broadcasters and other stakeholders in the entertainment world, as well as a corporate rebrand. During our search we identified and qualified a range of candidates within content producers and distributors, broadcasters, digital platforms and marketing agencies. In the end, the appointed candidate bought a compelling mix of agency, broadcaster and studio experience to the role.