Executive Research

An outsourced executive research resource for busy executive search firms.


Research Europe supplies high-quality executive research services to headhunting firms around the world, from Sydney to Johannesburg and Paris to Chicago. Executive search firms outsource to us usually for one of three reasons:

  • They don’t have sufficient research resource internally
  • They are working in an unfamiliar geographical market
  • They are working in an unfamiliar industry sector

We can support elements of a search, for example candidate mapping, candidate approach, sourcing or phone interviewing – or we can provide full support, from briefing to placement stage.

We are an established, default research partner for a number of executive search firms, whether boutique or multinational, allowing them to expand their output, geographical reach or sector coverage whilst maintaining high standards of client service.

Wherever in the world you are looking to identify, source, approach, qualify and reference candidates, our international team has years of experience in carrying out targeted, independent research for a variety of companies. We’ve conducted projects in more than 110 countries, so we have precious knowledge and experience when it comes to talent mapping within less familiar markets.

A valuable resource to enhance the service you provide

We are adept at a range of research techniques, encompassing formal and informal approaches, and gathering information from public and private sources. Our team will analyse our findings and prepare a thorough report, so you are fully informed of the available talent.

We can serve as a seamless extension to your firm and allow your own team to focus on what they do best.