Succession Planning

Securing the future of your firm with structured external succession planning programmes


Any kind of leadership vacuum is damaging. An effective and ongoing succession planning process helps to mitigate any risk and secure a seamless transition to a new leader.

Too often, external candidates are forgotten in this process, leading to a reliance on the availability of internal candidates.  This is a risk, leading to either a lack of effective benchmarking or missing out on exceptional external leaders.

Succession Planning

We have an established methodology to develop a bench of external leadership candidates to complement your own internal succession plan. We assess your internal candidates too, and benchmark these against the external candidates, to ensure you have the best possible selection.

The identification and evaluation of potential successor candidates is done with the same rigour as we would with an executive search –identifying the leadership and personality traits demonstrated by high performers in your organisation and using these to identify and assess external talent. As with any pipelining process, we can manage the ongoing relationship with this key talent pool in the most professional and discreet manner.

Overall, our aim is to create an external succession pool in which the candidates are at least as good as – if not better than – your internal talent.

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