Talent Mapping & Intelligence

Resourcing is increasingly strategic and intelligence-led. Before making decisions about headcount or committing to a specific search, our clients often ask us to gather intelligence on the availability, quality and cultural fit of potential talent


An intelligent talent map should be more than just a list of potential candidates. We use a comprehensive portfolio of online and human data sources to build an in-depth profile of available talent– their background, track record, strengths and motivations and ultimately their suitability and fit for a particular role or organisation.

We believe that the way we compile a talent map makes us the best choice in the marketplace. We search methodically and energetically for potential candidate intelligence accessing a broad range of data and well-networked industry sources. We carefully analyse candidates’ career achievements so we can advise you on their strengths and weaknesses. We grade candidates according to overall fit and calibre so we can advise you on which ones to prioritise at the next stage of the campaign.

Talent Mapping & Intelligence

We do this across internationally across multiple sectors and functions for clients who want deep market and candidate insight they can trust.

So much depends on the way we research, such as using online data platforms in a smart way, but also uncovering and verifying information through people in the know.

We can also research and reveal how your competitors organise their workforce and talent and a macro or micro level. This insight allows you to benchmark the architecture and size of functions, departments or business units, which can inform your own organisational development and talent planning.

This intelligence can be provided at the global level – for example, revealing overall corporate and functional structures – or at the local level, producing detailed and up-to-date organisational charts for specific departments, and showing individuals allocated to specific tasks.

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