Psychometric Assessment

Evaluate and predict a candidate’s abilities, skills, behaviours and personality traits via objective, scientific measurement


Psychometric assessment complements other types of assessment, such as interviews or referencing, by providing you with a more scientific assessment of someone’s ability or personality.  It works in an unbiased and uniform way, allowing an objective comparison of different candidates in certain aspects of their approach and capability.

Psychometric Assessment

Ability tests provide demonstrable evidence of a candidate’s aptitudes. They can be used to assess numerical reasoning, critical thinking and comprehension, as well as many role specific tasks.

The three ability tests we offer are:

  1. RANRA (numerical reasoning)
  2. Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices (verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning)
  3. Watson Glaser (critical thinking)

Personality tests predict how people will behave and perform at work and interact with others. Understanding the personality traits of candidates is helpful in evaluating whether they’ll be a good cultural fit and suited to the particular requirements of the role.  In particular, a personality assessment allows you to look at key leadership traits such as motivation, emotional intelligence, communication style and conflict management.

We offer five personality assessments:

  1. Genos EI (emotional intelligence)
  2. Giotto (integrity)
  3. Golden Personality Profiler (general occupational personality)
  4. Honey & Mumford (learning style)
  5. Sosie 2nd Generation (culture fit)

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