Organisational Intelligence

Offering in-depth insights into how businesses structure their workforce and talent, at both macro and micro levels

Comparing functions, departments, and business units: for better team benchmarking and strategic decision-making

The ability to benchmark organisational structures, team sizes and resource allocation against your competitors can inform organisational efficiencies and give you a competitive edge.

Our team of organisational research experts are on hand to provide clarity on your resources and calibre of talent in key areas, comparing functions, departments and business units for better team benchmarking and strategic decision-making.

Our organisational intelligence projects are tailored to your specific needs, and typically produce:

  • Up-to-date organisational charts
  • A structural overview, showing employees allocated to specific functions, departments, business units and even countries
  • Profiles of individuals performing specific roles or operating within specific job functions
  • Analysis of competitor talent strengths or weaknesses
  • In-depth market, competitor and reward intelligence

Our 3 step process

Primary and secondary research

The starting point for our research is mining a range of paid-for and open-source data platforms. However, the bulk of the intelligence comes from detailed conversations with primary sources who have detailed knowledge of an organisation’s structure and people resources.

We take the time to confidentially engage with informed experts revealing information that is usually impossible to find online.

Tailored intelligence gathering

Every aspect of our research is tailored to meet your specific  needs. We focus on gathering intelligence that is directly relevant and impactful to your business objectives.

Reporting and insight

Upon completion of our research, we compile our findings into comprehensive reports. These reports are not only informative but are crafted to provide actionable insights. We ensure that the intelligence gathered is presented in a way that is both visually accessible and useful for your strategic planning and decision-making processes.

Case study

Competitor analysis for a multi-label music business

Our client is a multi-label music business which records and distributes the music of hundreds of well-known artists around the world.

We carried out research to establish information about the structures and organograms of revenue-generating functions within companies of interest to them, including their competitors, within German-speaking countries. The work included the identification, analysis and profiling of key talent within the firms mapped. This research supported business and talent planning in the Germany, Austria, and Switzerland region for the business.