Employer Brand Insight

We help you build a strong employer brand and recognisable employer value proposition, attracting and retaining the right people who align best with your culture and fit

A practical roadmap of recommendations: positioning you as a sought-after employer in the marketplace

Your employer brand is how you’re perceived by current and former employees, experienced hires or entry-level candidates, competitors, and industry commentators. It depends on a range of experiences, perceptions, and influences.

Research is crucial in gaining deep and up-to-date insights into the strength of an employer brand. We engage actively with a range of sources and opinions across all industries, using both telephone research and online questionnaires to gather valuable input. Our expertise lies in seeking out a broader range of voices, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view of the employer brand and value proposition.

These include:

  • Internal employees
  • Workers at competitor firms
  • Job-seeking graduates
  • Industry analysts, journalists and opinion-formers
  • Anyone from targeted talent communities

Following our research, we put together an evaluation of current perceptions based on the quantitative and qualitative data we’ve gathered. From this, we give you a practical roadmap of recommendations, enabling you to build a brand positioning you as a sought-after employer in the marketplace.

Our 4 step process

Questionnaire design

Our inquiry covers a wide range of topics which contribute to an employer value proposition and influence your employer brand. These  can include

  • Diversity, equality & inclusion
  • Reward levels & structures
  • Organisational culture
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Work-life balance
  • Stability
  • Company prestige & reputation
  • Employee support
Accessing a broad and representative range of contributors

As well as your own employees, we ensure we access a wide range of contributor types, from alumni and competitors, entry-level and experienced hire job seekers to journalists and industry commentators. We carry out extensive research and comprehensive networking to ensure we identify and gather data from a broad and also statistically significant number of contributors.

By tapping into a spectrum of sources and perspectives, we ensure that our insights are well-rounded and reflective of the real-world employment landscape.

Confidential engagement

We prioritise confidentiality in our interactions with contributors. Engaging through thoughtfully structured conversations and well-designed questionnaires, we create a safe space for open and honest feedback. This approach allows us to gather candid insights while maintaining the trust and privacy of all participants.

Delivering actionable insights

We compile our findings into a comprehensive report. This report not only presents quantitative and qualitative data, but also provides actionable insights and strategic recommendations. We aim to empower your organisation with the knowledge to enhance your employer brand, thereby attracting and retaining top talent while fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Case study

Employer brand insight for a global top-10 accounting firm

Our client is a global top-10 accounting firm. The CEO and group HR team had launched a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing the organisation’s employer brand and attracting top tier talent to the business.

We were selected to carry out employer brand perception analysis in the UK, to understand whether these initiatives had begun to resonate. During an extensive employer brand insight campaign we identified, connected with, and interviewed a large number of sources, including alumni, clients, competitors, journalists, professional service industry experts and commentators. Respondents typically responded to a questionnaire format conducted as a telephone interview. We presented both quantitative and qualitative data enabling us to produce a report rich in information and recommendations.