Reward Intelligence

Up-to-date, comprehensive and global compensation data, covering all key reward components

Rich, evidence-based information: guiding your reward and compensation policies

Understanding reward levels and structures in your industry can help you secure and retain top talent.

We provide up-to-date, comprehensive and global compensation data, covering all key reward components such as:

  • Base salary
  • Short term variable cash bonus
  • Long-term incentive plan (LTIP)
  • Share options or equity
  • Pension contributions
  • Other benefits (e.g. car allowance or health insurance)

We do this by conducting bespoke telephone-based research that involves the discreet canvassing of relevant employee groups to gather real-time remuneration data.
Our goal is to provide rich, evidence-based information that can guide your reward and compensation policies.

Our 4 step process

Questionnaire design

Based on the aims of the research, we will design a questionnaire that will allow us to gather intelligence on the relevant reward components and structures in a consistent way. We will also design the inquiry to allow us to report data both quantitatively and quantitatively.

Contributor research

We carry out a robust investigation, using both desk-based and telephone research, to identify the most relevant contributors within target organisations. These could be comparable employees within your competitors, or outside your sector.

We ensure the sample size is representative and avoid reliance on ‘outlier’ data. And we work globally, allowing you to benchmark remuneration levels and structures from region to region around the world.

Discreet contributor engagement & data gathering

We usually engage with contributors on a one-to-one basis. We understand the sensitivity required in these discussions and ensure we approach any participants discreetly and professionally. We recognise that contributors are imparting personal information so require anonymity and a good reason to participate.

Data analysis, reporting & actionable insights

Following comprehensive research, we compile our findings into a detailed report containing both quantitative and qualitative data. This report offers you actionable insights and recommendations. We focus on providing clear, practical advice on how to optimize your reward systems to enhance employee attraction and retention, and to enhance organisational performance.

Case study

Remuneration benchmarking and advisory service for a high-profile charity

The chair of a high-profile charity wanted to ensure that the CEO and CFO were remunerated competitively. She commissioned Research Europe to conduct remuneration research into the UK charity sector.

Using publicly available data and telephone or face-to-face interviews with willing participants, we were able to produce a broad comparative survey of executive compensation in the sector.

The research covered all aspects of remuneration, including basic salary, bonuses, pension contribution and other benefits, such as accommodation. We conducted deeper research to establish links between characteristics of charities (age, activities, number of employees, income, etc), their executives (tenure, extent of private sector experience, gender, etc) and their compensation levels, and found some interesting and surprising relationships.

Armed with this research, we were able to advise the board on appropriate remuneration levels. The results prompted a 10% alteration in the relevant executives’ overall remuneration.