Psychometric Assessment

Provides an objective comparison of different candidates, focusing on their approaches and capabilities, and serves as a complementary tool to interviewing and referencing processes

Strategic talent assessment: unveiling candidate potential with rigorous psychometrics

Psychometric assessments complement interviewing and referencing, providing an objective comparison of different candidates in terms of their approach and capability.

Using scientific, rigorous and objective measurement tools and tests, we help you determine and predict the abilities, behaviours and personality traits of your candidates. Administered online, all assessments are managed by our in-house BPS-qualified professionals, making sure all new hires are the right fit for the job.

Over the years, we’ve refined our offering to include ability tests (assessing aptitude, numerical reasoning, critical thinking, comprehension and role-specific tasks), and personality assessments (to predict how people will behave, perform and interact with others in the workplace).

Our psychometric assessments are:

  • Administered online, allowing candidates to easily access them at their convenience
  • Hard to fake, thanks to built-in features that detect any attempts to ‘game’ the test
  • Expertly developed by psychologists, having undergone rigorous validity and reliability testing over many years by thousands of candidates representing diverse demographics, cultures and languages
  • Administered in multiple languages

Our process

Our aim is not to compare candidate against candidate as such. Rather, we assess each candidate's suitability and fit for both the requirements of the role you are hiring for, and your company culture.

We work with your team to identify the key skills and behaviours candidates need to possess to be highly effective in the role you are recruiting for, and help you select the right test(s) to measure these. We evaluate the results of the psychometric assessments against the criteria, providing insights into potential performance in the role.

So, you won’t get just the test results, but also our trusted advice and recommendations on the most suitable candidates to hire.

We can also work with you to design bespoke, interactive, real-time exercises to accurately assess candidates’ skills, such as in-person case studies or test workdays.

Case study

Psychometric assessment for a city investment firm

We helped support a city investment firm who hire multiple experienced-hire and entry-level analysts each year.

We administered two psychometric assessments for each shortlisted candidate: the first measuring numerical reasoning, the second assessing critical thinking skills, including identifying and solving problems, applying logic, drawing accurate conclusions from information and developing arguments.

Each assessment produced an individual score for the candidate which could be benchmarked against the candidate’s peer group. The assessments enabled us to highlight potential areas of concern to the client, which could be further tested or referenced.