Employer Brand Insight

Understand the perceptions of key internal and external audiences. Build a strong and recognisable employer brand and value proposition


All organisations have an employer brand, whether they’ve purposely set about designing one or not.  Your employer brand is how you are perceived by employees and candidates, and it depends on a whole range of experiences, perceptions and influences.  There is no doubt that a strong employer brand has significant benefits – providing real differentiation and brand value, and helping to attract and retain the people who are the best fit for your culture and values.

Employer Brand Insight

So how do you know what candidates think of your employer brand?

Research is fundamental to gaining a deep and up-to-date insight into the strength of your brand and proposition.  We can actively engage with a range of candidates and opinion formers across your industry and across sectors, giving you both quantitative and qualitative data to help you assess current perceptions – and the best way to build a brand that makes you a go-to employer in your marketplace.

Our strength is in seeking out a broader range of voices and giving you a 360 degree picture of your employer brand and value proposition.

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