Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Adopt a holistic approach to create and sustain diversity. Build a more equal and inclusive culture


There is no doubt that diversity pays dividends. For more than fifty years, research has shown that diverse organisations outperform their non-diverse peers, innovate faster, are culturally richer and better reflect their customers and the wider society they serve. But recruiting and maintaining a diverse workforce can be challenging. Even now, there continues to be a lack of diversity at senior level in many companies.

Our Approach to Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Achieving diversity in the workplace has been a core theme of Research Europe’s work over the past two decades. Our team has carried out successful diversity enhancement projects for some of the world’s most recognisable companies and organisations. We’ve helped numerous clients benefit from the greater range of talent, insight and experience that a diverse workplace brings.

The diversity agenda has evolved considerably since the mid-2000s when gender and ethnicity were key to creating diverse workforces. Today, a diverse talent management strategy will also reflect socioeconomic background, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion and age to create a rich blend of experiences and abilities. 

At Research Europe, we recognise that priorities in diversity will vary across global locations and within a company’s division or functions.

For instance, the demands of a technology company in Johannesburg will differ considerably from those of a HR department in Singapore. 

We also understand that hiring a diverse workforce is just one step towards sustaining a flourishing work environment. Employees need to feel nurtured and sustained by inclusive and equal work practices and company cultures. 

DEI Consultancy

Through a comprehensive range of consultative services, we support our clients in transforming key aspects of their DEI policies and practices, either as discreet projects, as part of a strategic commitment to DEI adoption, or to complement wider talent mapping, intelligence and acquisition programmes.

L&D Training Modules

Our broad commitment to DEI is where our panel of L&D training modules provide a perfect fit.  They have been designed as enablers to translate organisational commitment to DEI into reality. They equip participants with frameworks, tools and competencies to become agents of change and champion the organisation's DEI vision. 

Our training modules are tailor made to each organisation. 

We carry out a learning need analysis prior to delivery, and apply a consultative approach to the design, content, and delivery. Our training supports those employees who are often accountable for DEI within an organisation with emerging best practices, frameworks, and tools.  Our DEI training is modular and is designed to enable organisations to embed DEI values and principles across the strategies and operations of their whole organisation. 

Summary of Services


Knowing how you are performing against your industry peers can either provide a positive showcase of what you are achieving or help you to understand what needs to change.   We can research and analyse competitors or whole sectors and benchmark your organisation across a range of diversity categories.

To help you enhance diversity within your organisation, we can identify, engage and help you hire groups of talent in line with your diversity strategy.  This may be focused on a specific position or a pipeline of candidates for future need. We take a committed and energetic approach to diversity hiring, and never compromise on calibre. We know from years of experience that a dedicated pursuit of diverse candidate shortlists ultimately results in the best recruitment outcomes.



DEI Diagnostics

Diagnostics are a mandatory starting point for organisations which are committed to DEI. Third-party data collection ensures that high quality data is captured anonymously and in line with GDPR. Supported by data capture and analysis, we generate a Report which enables you to establish a Diversity and Inclusion baseline for your organisation.  Our Diagnostics provide you with the evidence base on which to build targeted DEI goals and our Report includes clear guidance on emerging priority areas and actionable recommendations. 

DEI Strategy

Having a DEI strategy is critical for organisations which want to leverage the dividends of a diverse workforce to innovate, enhance performance and retain a competitive edge.  We assist you in articulating the business case for DEI for your organisation and position your DEI strategy as a key enabler to your overall business strategy. More specifically, we help you define strategic axes, an action plan and provide KPIs to enable you to measure progress. Your strategy will focus organisational resources and efforts towards identified DEI goals in a sustainable way, it will generate buy in across your organisation and give transparency to your stakeholders.     

DEI Audit

When the principles and emerging good practices of Diversity and Inclusion are embedded in systemic ways in organisations, they enhance equality of opportunities for all employees. However, in most organisations, many processes remain inequitable and this leads to group differences occurring further down the line and to representation gaps in senior positions. Our DEI Audit reveals where barriers to the equitable progression of all demographic groups might lie in the processes and policies that support pay, talent acquisition, talent development, promotion, and retention.  The objective of the Audit is to advance DEI provision by bringing organisational change which results in a stronger workforce, a more resilient organisation and enhanced business outcomes.


DEI – The opportunities for HR professionals 

DEI will play a bigger role in organisations across strategy and operations, and HR trends over the next decade all entail the ability to embed DEI principles into HR functions. This interactive and practical workshop brings the latest evidence-driven DEI concepts to HR professionals and enables them to leverage the practical opportunities that DEI opens up to their functions.    

Inclusive Recruitment Workshop 

While an increasing number of organisations are aware of the benefits of a diverse workforce and are committed to attracting the best talent, they often lack the methodologies for inclusive recruitment. This workshop leverages an evidence-based and hands on approach to equip HR professionals with DEI recruitment tools to equalize opportunities for diverse pools of candidates, hire the best talent for their organisation and improve their diversity metrics.  

Transforming bias to enhance organisational performance 

Organisations which have embarked on the DEI journey will need to transform their cultures to become fully inclusive. Transforming bias plays a pivotal role in this wider culture transformation. This workshop equips participants with frameworks and tools, from the behavioural sciences, to transform their behaviours and practices with the aim of supporting diversity, enhancing professional relationships and organisational performance. 
Inclusive Leadership Programme 

Diversity without Inclusion does not lead to the organisational benefits associated with a DEI programme and can, in some cases, lead to conflict. Organisations which demonstrate inclusivity at their core, on the other hand, are six times more likely to be innovative (Deloitte workplace analysis, 2017). This workshop equips leaders to generate inclusive work environments and make inclusivity an expectation. The approach is action-oriented and enables leaders to set realistic goals supported by clearly defined actions and timelines to drive their Inclusive Leadership journey after the completion of the programme. 

1:1 Executive Coaching 

To support executives and enable them to define impactful and sustainable ways to generate inclusive work cultures and psychologically safe work environments.  This programme also supports DEI executives in their new roles as they define and establish their leadership styles in what are often pioneering contexts.  


For more information on any of the above, or to discuss how Research Europe can support you and your organisation, contact us today.