Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Adopt a holistic approach to create and sustain diversity. Build a more equal and inclusive culture


There is no doubt that diversity pays dividends. For more than fifty years, research has shown that diverse organisations outperform their non-diverse peers, innovate faster, are culturally richer and better reflect their customers and the wider society they serve. But recruiting and maintaining a diverse workforce can be challenging. Even now, there is a lack of gender and ethnic diversity at senior level in many companies.

Our Approach

Achieving diversity in the workplace has been a core theme of Research Europe’s work over the past two decades. Our team has carried out successful diversity enhancement projects for some of the world’s most recognisable companies and organisations. We’ve helped numerous clients benefit from the greater range of talent, insight and experience that a diverse workplace brings.


The diversity agenda has evolved considerably since the mid-2000s when gender and ethnicity were key to creating diverse candidate shortlists. Today, a diverse talent strategy will also reflect socioeconomic background, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion and age to create a rich blend of experiences and abilities.

We recognise that priorities in diversity will vary across global locations and within a company’s division or functions. For instance, the demands of a technology company in Johannesburg will differ considerably from those of a HR department in Singapore.

We also know that hiring a diverse workforce is just the first step towards sustaining a flourishing work environment. Employees also need to feel nurtured and sustained by inclusive and equal work practices and company cultures.

That’s why we adopt a holistic approach to helping you achieve your diversity goals. We can provide services tailored to transforming key aspects of your diversity, equality and inclusion strategy. These can be delivered as discrete projects or they can complement wider talent mapping, intelligence and acquisition programmes.

Diversity benchmarking & enhancement

Knowing how you are performing against your industry peers can either provide a positive showcase of what you are achieving or help you to understand what needs to change.   We can research and analyse competitors or whole sectors and benchmark your organisation across a range of diversity categories.

To help you enhance diversity within your organisation, we can identify, engage and help you hire groups of talent in line with your diversity strategy.  This may be focused on a specific position or a pipeline of candidates for future need.  We take a committed and energetic approach to diversity hiring, and never compromise on calibre. We know from years of experience that a dedicated pursuit of diverse candidate shortlists ultimately results in the best recruitment outcomes.

DE&I Audit

Our DE&I Audit is designed to help organisations understand what is working right now and what is not in terms of diversity, equality and inclusion. It reveals where the challenges lie, some of which might otherwise be invisible – such as inequities in pay, talent acquisition, talent development, promotion and retention.


Components of the Audit we carry out will include:

  • A review of current talent policies and processes, including any specifically relating to DE&I
  • Primary research via interviews
  • Focus groups

This Audit will provide a platform for voices to be heard and creates the opportunity for targeted action.

Gender pay gap benchmarking & enhancement

Equality and fairness are essential when recruiting; but opportunities, recognition and reward should be equally available and distributed across the existing workforce.

The average UK gender pay gap across all employees has declined from 27% in 2002, but still stands at around 15% (or 8%for full-time workers). We can help clients work out their existing gender pay gaps, but also benchmark this data across industry sectors using both directly-sourced and published remuneration information.  For medium and large employers, this work may complement their existing gender pay gap reporting.

Data is important. But we can also investigate and examine the structural issues within your organisation that might contribute to the gender pay gap and provide advice and recommendation on how you might reduce or eliminate it entirely.

DE&I Strategies & Action Plans

A DE&I Strategy creates a vision of the organisational benefits of diversity. The Action Plan ensures that vision is properly implemented.


We help you develop a strategy which embeds the principles of DE&I into people, processes, policies, products, generating an inclusive culture that leverages diversity as a catalyst for innovation. The Action Plan we develop with you alongside this consists of metrics and timelines by which the organisation monitors and holds itself accountable to the strategy.

DE&I Governance Structures

Without DE&I governance structures, the impact of diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives may be ephemeral. Creating governance structures brings together grass roots movements, DE&I professionals and company leadership on a horizontal plane. DE&I governance structures break down the ‘us versus them’ binary, create stakeholders buy-in in the same vision, and make the leadership accountable for sustainable delivery of DE&I delivery. We will analyse your existing DE&I governance structures and advise you on best practices.

Inclusive Leadership Programme

Our Inclusive Leadership Programme is aimed at senior managers within an organisation. The programme embeds a DE&I mindset within an organisation's leadership ethos. It helps leaders understand and recognise the value that DE&I brings to the workforce and enables them to better leverage these advantages.


The Programme consists of:

  • Two half-day group workshops
  • One-to-one DE&I coaching